May 27th, 2017

A day at the Studio!!

Hello world–this post a bit more personal, I am sharing with you about our team. When I say I am blessed to have people to support me and this photography company, I should start by thanking God for sending the amazing assistants we have! We find ourselves in the mist of people’s most important moments, we tenderly are involved with not only their wedding, but now with maternity, newborn and photography of children. It takes a special person to convey the feeling and emotion as well as the creative part of our job. Needless to say more, I am so grateful for their willingness, their hard working attitudes and humble hearts. Love my team <3

StudioSession 01 StudioSession 02


I’ve recently fallen in love with volleyball and soccer. I am a very active person, love being on the move and have a sociable good conversation! My latest favorite food has to be Lebanese and Mexican food…OMG, amazing!!!

StudioSession 03

Pablo is my brother and my right hand, I am blessed because of him! His hobbie is playing music, the base and guitar. He LOVES sushi  and being able serve others. One of his most recent goals is to be an amazing husband!

StudioSession 04

This is Carlie, our studio manager! She has been such a gem, hard worker and personable. She can’t spell though! She loves relaxing at the beach, and meeting new people. Her passion is to travel and to take photographs and capture special moments. Her favorite food is pizza!

StudioSession 05

Grace is our newest addition, she’s our intern and is so talented! She rides horses and loves to read. One of her life goals is to be a professional photographer one day and she loves cheeseburgers!!

StudioSession 06 StudioSession 07 StudioSession 08 StudioSession 09 StudioSession 10 StudioSession 11 StudioSession 12 StudioSession 13 StudioSession 14 StudioSession 15 StudioSession 16 StudioSession 17 StudioSession 18 StudioSession 19 StudioSession 20 StudioSession 21 StudioSession 22 StudioSession 23 StudioSession 24 StudioSession 25 StudioSession 26

I do want to thank you also our family, friends and specially our clients. They have enable us to grow, travel, and experience life with them. I feel blessed and thankful to my Lord Jesus for allowing me to do something I am passionate about and feel fulfilled. Blessings to all,

Paula Player team!

January 15th, 2017

Valentines Session! Rivers & Scarlett

These children share the most amazing LOVE!! Rivers and Scarlett are about 1 month apart and her mommy Nadia and I have been very close from the time we were expecting! Seeing our children grow close and love each other has been amazing!! Today is Scarlett’s bday and we are excited to spend time with my little daughter in law!! Happy Bday Beautiful !!  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


January 9th, 2017

Chase My Godson!!

So excited to share these images with you all of my recently born ( Godson ) Chase! He’s absolutely precious and getting to know our former clients and now friends Noel & David has been such a blessing! I love seeing that being a photographer is really such a rewarding career. The relationships that once were professional, get to become personal and actually some of our best friends are former & current clients. Love you baby Chase!!

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