September 9th, 2017

Grace senior session

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I am obsessing over these images of Grace! Grace was our summer intern this year and is very talented young lady. Her beauty shined through this whole session! I am so glad I could be apart of this special session, the future has great things for you Grace!

September 2nd, 2017

Piper family session

PiperFilm 001 PiperFilm 002 PiperFilm 003 PiperFilm 004 PiperFilm 005 PiperFilm 006 PiperFilm 007 PiperFilm 008 PiperFilm 009 PiperFilm 010 PiperFilm 011 PiperFilm 012 PiperFilm 013 PiperFilm 014 PiperFilm 015 PiperFilm 016 PiperFilm 017 PiperFilm 018 PiperFilm 019 PiperFilm 020

I am in love with these film images of this family! I had the pleasure to do Allie & Grant’s wedding and now I am photographing there little gem, Piper! Piper just turned 8 months and is precious than ever! This family is so photogenic and loving!