May 23rd, 2017

Kimberly & Mark

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January 20th, 2017

Heather & Rick

heather-rick001 heather-rick002 heather-rick003 heather-rick004 heather-rick005 heather-rick006 heather-rick007 heather-rick008 heather-rick009 heather-rick010 heather-rick011 heather-rick012 heather-rick013 heather-rick014 heather-rick015 heather-rick016 heather-rick017 heather-rick018 heather-rick019 heather-rick020 heather-rick021 heather-rick022 heather-rick023 heather-rick024 heather-rick025 heather-rick026 heather-rick027 heather-rick028 heather-rick029 heather-rick030

This session was defiantly one that was very different from our usually engagements! With that said, these images came out breath taking! The cold         weather was approaching and the fire was a great touch to this couples images! Heather and Rick were so sweet and they were great to work with!             I am so honored to be able to capture there engagement session as well as there wedding! Congratulations again Heather and Rick!

January 18th, 2017

Hannah & Blake

Hannah & Blake 001 Hannah & Blake 002 Hannah & Blake 003 Hannah & Blake 004 H&B010 Hannah & Blake 006 H&B012 Hannah & Blake 008 Hannah & Blake 009 Hannah & Blake 010 Hannah & Blake 011 Hannah & Blake 012 Hannah & Blake 013 Hannah & Blake 014 Hannah & Blake 016 Hannah & Blake 017 Hannah & Blake 018 Hannah & Blake 019 Hannah & Blake 020 Hannah & Blake 021 Hannah & Blake 022 Hannah & Blake 023 Hannah & Blake 024 Hannah & Blake 025 Hannah & Blake 026 Hannah & Blake 027 Hannah & Blake 028 Hannah & Blake 029 Hannah & Blake 030

Working with Hannah and Blake was such a breath of fresh air to my day! There love for one another was beautiful and it carried throughout the              session! I am very thankful to be apart of there engagement session as well as there special day! Congratulations again!