January 6th, 2017

Grant Family

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          It was a pleasure photographing the Grant family this fall! There smiles were contagious and they were great to work with! It was amazing to see             the love and compassion they have each other! This family had such a great bond that showed throughout these images. 

January 4th, 2017

Piper Flower

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Congratulations to Allie and Grant on there precious baby girl Piper! I am so honored to be able to photograph this beautiful little girl! She has such great parents and she is truly love

June 8th, 2016

Kate & Kanhong

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This couple was absolutely outstanding, there connection and love blossomed from begging to end of the night. It was a pleasure working with Kate and Kanhong as well as meeting there friends and family. Everyone was filled with happiness and joy, making the environment loving for everyone!

Venue: Brookgreen Gardens // Floral: Greenskeeper  // Event Planner: Events on the Half shell  // Rentals: Eventworks // Develop and scan: Indifilm lab //