July 27th

Victoria’s 2nd Birthday

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Victoria was a great little girl to take pictures of! She was filled with laughter and many smiles! Her love for cupcakes defiantly showed throughout her session! Happy 2nd birthday Victoria! You are getting so big!

July 25th

Olivia & Mike

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It was a pleasure working with both Olivia and Mike on there engagement session! Both of them were very photogenic and filled with laughter and joy! There was never a dull moment with the two of them! Congratulations again! Can’t wait to be apart of there special day!

July 11th

Chelsea & Kevin

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The day in Charleston turned out to be such a gorgeous day for this loving couple. Chelsea and Kevin were such a delight to work with. There happiness and love connection shined throughout the whole session. I am truly  happy for this couple, and to be able to continue there journey with them till there special day.  Congratulations again!